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I just wanna know how she held her morning wee-wee until Walmart opened..... ?


Courtney, I want to know that too! Also? Ewwwww. ;)


1. Could my face BE any bigger in that pic. I took tons of pics, you chose the ones where I look bad and you look great? Nice friend.

B. That IS a nice Wal-Mart and you even admitted it. So shut it and buy me some GD peeps - Give. Me. The. Peeps - you sorry excuse for a mother.

III. If you had awaken prior to noon any of these days I would have gladly made you eggs. And bacon.

d. Quit trying to make everyone believe that you didn't plant that Prego Test to pump up your blog traffic.

5. OMG it was so great having you here. I know it was lame "excursion-wise" but I selfishly wanted you ALL TO MYSELF. Also, I'm lazy. Also, also, thanks for coming, please come back soon my "cat" and I miss you terribly.


What? No AFTER pictures of the cat? Clearly you're not using the internets properly. Monetize, baby! (or did I just miss the "members login here" button somewhere?)

Kimber, as the last one to meet Lisa in the flesh (stop it), you should be required to plan the next group "session." Just sayin'.


p.s. How 'bout Miami? You're both too good looking for Detroit...

Karen Swim

I could not resist Lisa's tweet and so glad I did not! Thanks for the belly laugh! I live in MI but never been to a Walmart here, now I am afraid, very afraid. Sounds like a great weekend minus you know the bathroom incident. :-)


I, uh, don't want to disillusion you about the classy Wal-Mart patrons or anything, but I'm pretty sure the reason they took the test in the bathroom was because they couldn't actually afford to purchase the test and they were too nervous about the alarms to stick it in their purse and take it home. You should stick to Target from now on. LOL


Karly, do you really think it was a stolen test? Because HA, FUCKING, HAAAAAA.
That shit is funny.
Karen, thanks for visiting! I'm sure you are a totally classy MI girl.

Talia AKA @TalTalK

Y'all are so cute!!! I'm jealous.

And Kimburrr, you don't write enough. You're hilarious. (And it's not easy to make me laugh these days, FYI.)

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