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Leslie Poston

I'm glad you can see the light of day again :) But since I "met" you on Twitter I had no idea you were "gone" here, so here's a belated hug for a suck ass year.



Kimbah you crazy bitch! You could never disappoint me! I can't wait to meet you, and not just because of the "Who gets to meet Kimber first?" contest. (Answer: MEEEEE bitches!!!) But because I love you, really love you. You've become a part of our lives too and don't think you haven't helped us like we've helped you. Also shhhhush on the hundreds of emails a day - surely an exaggeration ;)

So happy you are doing better, are blogging and most importantly, are coming here to visit. I have the Precious Moments on display ready for your inspection:)


Love ya,



You mean you have OTHER friends than ME and those 2 skanky hoors? WHAT? :)

I would just like to say THANKS for letting Lisa win, now she's REALLY going to be insufferable and I blame you.

Also it is PERFECTLY CLEAR that *I* love you the most. With 25% less skank.
I couldn't make it through the day without you, which is why I got all shouty last night.


Love ya, baby! Thanks for being spreading your sunshine on Twitter:) Sorry for the suckish year - but sounds like things are on the upswing (except for that trip to Detroit!).

Please meet me in Rochester SOON!!! We live the closest of any of these hoors... and... well, I need to get out of my house and see your smiling face in person!


I had no idea you were sick!!! :( I feel like a bad internet friend 'cause I didn't know. I didn't even have the chance to send you virtual teas, or worry about you. (I'm so good at worrying for people... oh ya!)

I hope you keep on feeling better... being sick sucks, tons and tons. Throwing up sucks even more.


Oh dear - I also forgot #SOMCSB. and I really mean that, very sincerely.


First, let me announce to you that I have moved to Detroit. So the person she is visiting in Detroit is MEEEEEE!!!

Also, you broke my RSS feed. It couldn't handle the fact that there was an update from the Fabulous one.

Also...also... ;-) I'm happy to hear that the mommyblogosphere has its FabMom back. heee.

Also, and for REALZ: I love you more than those others do. I'm happy that you're better and that "I" had something to do that with that.

If I had a blog I would talk about how awesome you are and how much I depend on your emails getting me through the day. Since I don't I'll keep coming back here to remind you.

Paco, Pablo, Sidonie, the rented kids and Carlos are all looking forward to meeting you soon.

Besos y Abrazos,

The UPS Girl


I'm so sorry you've been feeling so awful! I wish I'd known, so I could send some kind thoughts your way. I have you on my Google reader, so when you post, I'm still here for the updates.

BTW, I'm sure you're completely behind on blog reading, but we're expecting twins this summer!!!! And we found out last week that it's twin boys. So I know a little bit about how you feel about relying on the DH for lots of help. Mine's been great.


God what a relief! So great to see you on the comeback trail! So bring the comebacks!

I'm so glad I met you. If it wasn't for you and the lure of your BOOBs, I would have been long gone from Twitter by now. And thanks to you, I met so many cool, fun people (many of them have commented above).

Of course, on the other hand, there are the shiv wounds, the head stab scars, and the home "assignments." But this isn't about me.

Oh, but one more thing, as a non-woman of Twitter (shut up), let me say I wouldn't have made this far in my recovery from "what Wendy said"-ness if it wasn't for your support and encouragement (or whatever the politically correct term for spanking is).

So it's so great to hear the good news. Continue to gather your strength. And then bring it on!


Your ex-cabana, but not bitter, boy.



well, Ive only just stumbled across you on Twitter, so I had no idea what a bog wife, mother, blogger, person you were and/or are. I just appreciate that anyone who will allow their children to sing to P!nk loud is good enough for me.

What on earth had you so sick? (ignore if the question is too rude)

Jessica (at It's my life...)

I had something totally awesome to post, but first I went and read your post about going to Detroit and now I can't think of anything other than... oh, uh, ah... I've taken a pregnancy test in a Target bathroom (blush). It was because there was no way I could be pregnant, but I was convinced I was, and if my husband had seen the test he would have died, and I love my husband. And I wasn't pregnant, just very premenstrual, and seriously there should be a test for that too.

Oh and, I'm so glad you're back. Spying on you on Twitter just wasn't cutting it for me any more. And I hate that there are only so many times you can say "dude, I'm SO sorry you're sick." before you worry that the person is going to get sick of hearing you and since they're already sick that ads extra guilt. But, ah, I'm so sorry you were so damn sick.

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