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Here is my PHILOSOPHY if you spend money on good makeup you won't look like ass. If you don't look like ass you don't feel like ass. Which is half the battle. Who cares if it costs more than a car payment? YOU LOOK GOOD!


Ooh, I love the guys too! Its probably one of the catchiest commercial jingles I've heard in years!


I'm with you on the socks thing. CAN. NOT. WEAR. THEM. IN. BED.

My sole exception was the day our heat pump blew out during a snow storm and I had to wear every article of clothing I owned until they fixed it.

Mr. Fabulous

Well, suit yourself!


Hate Pizza Hut, hate being hot, HATE crocs (dude, I'm the Queen of All Shoes, please don't mention them again)and love the freecreditreport guys. Which pretty much cancels out me being The Queen of All Shoes.


#3 - I luvz me some tall chicks. Back when I was between wives (which could be a whole 'nuther dozen posts or so) I went out with a girl named Mary Ann Z. Polish girl. Had a voice like Fran Drescher. BUT. She was 6'5" tall and had tremendous boobs. And she was great fun to dance slow with. Because I'm 5 foot 9 and a half.

that girl

f-r-e-e, that spellz free..., baybee...

Jessica (aka Rose)

Not only can I not wear socks to bed, but more often than not I have to stick my feet out of the covers in order to keep cool.
A few years ago my grandmother told me that my grandfather (who died when my mother was 6 months old...) did the same thing. I loved knowing that.

Oh and Crocks are only cute on teeny tiny toddler feet.


I just found your blog, you are hysterical! But, I must ask, did you just read that article that Web 2.0 only works if people know the *real* you?! If not, your timing is superb! ;-))) Looking forward to more reading. BTW, I am a scarf freak and drop $350 on one like it's $3. So, I think the Sephora think is abso-freakin-lutely normal.


That's how I explain it to the husband.

I should be embarrassed to like them so much, but squeee! They are so cute.

Socks in bed= Not sexaaay. That is socks=sweaty.

Mr. Fab,
How'd I know?

You are the Queen of All Things Costly and Coveted to me.

Lou C El,
You dirty thing.

That Girl,
They should totally do a CD. I'd buy it.

That is very cute. And I'm glad we can agree on Crocs. Let us never mention them again. How is freelancing going?

Welcome! And no, I didn't read that article, but now I feel so hip. ;-)


I'm usually one of the tallest as well.

Love shellfish.

Hate socks.

Love makeup.

Love your blog- I'm new from Twitter-my latest time waster.


Not that I am tall now but in high school I was a midget (5'5 or 6). And I loved me some tall girls. Mostly because they couldn't tell I was staring at their cleavage lol.

Dig the blog. Will come back often. Or try at least :-)


OMG the hamster story is highlarious! I can't sleep with socks either, even when I'm freezing.

And I'm almost a Tall Victim of Short Friends.

I'm pretty sure G-d made me that way on purpose because I've been dying my gray hair since I was 19. Were my friends taller than me, I would've had to do it more frequently. Thus my height has saved me an insane amount of money over the past (one, two, three, carry the one...) 12 years.

Fuck I'm old.


Ick, I HATE seafood. But yeah, shellfish is totally like cockroaches.


Dude, how tall are you? Because I am usually the Amazon in the room and I don't want any competition. But I totally agree with the socks thing.

I also had hamsters for a time, until I came home from my 3rd grade talent show and found that the cats had the hamsters for hors d'oeuvre. But you have to love the Habitrail.

ramblin' red

Popped in from allmediocre and lurved this post, chica. You sound like my kinda gal - 'cept I'm a shortie.


Super-Ninja-Hampster-Hero cracks me up.

Screw you. Now I have that stupid credit report song in my head.

I love Pizza Hut. Their pan pizza crust is to die for.

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