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Hi FabGirl! I tagged you to do the ABCs of housework:


Take your time my love. Know that we will all be here.


We all need some time, from time to time.


Hey, girl! Give yourself a break. Ya earned it. What day was your anniversary? How many years?

Mark Salinas

Time is precious with the little ones! :)


Today is my/our anniversary. 31 years. which probably qualifies Annie for sainthood, or something.

Jessica (It's my life...)

You know, you don't owe us the funny...
Feel better soon. Sending hugs your way.

Safak Sicimoglu

Hope you get it all worked out soon. Hurry back.

Above all, take care of yourself...I'm here for you dahhhlin', if you need me...


Kim, are you okay? Is everything going alright? Just checking .. and a little concerned.


hee hee hee....

Wait, I probably shouldn't be posting this to the person who's stalking me...

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