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We're big fans of the DS here. Especially on road trips. Long, silent road trips. We mainly have every Pokemon games that ever existed for it, but feel we should branch out a bit. Thanks for the tip.


We love DS, and XBOX, and PS1, and PS2 and GAME CUBE and I think there's even another one around here somewhere and that doesn't even take into account all of the computer based stuff. Just what we need - More games!! No wonder I can't afford to retire.

Marcy Massura-The Glamorous Life

Oh I am all over this game- sounds perfect for us. I find it hilarious (not in a real way mind you) that my kids care for their web kinz, club, DS hamsters, DS dogs and more with the fervor of an Amimal Kingdom vet....but I can't get them to clean their real life, living and breathing ALIVE hamster's cages!


I commented yesterday on your poor health...don't SEE it now...oy!

Bless you...will e-mail u later...we are in WII LAND over here...:)
p.s - I put up grad pics on me blog!


How are ya TODAY?



Sounds right up our alley! Thanks for the recommendation -- hadn't heard about this one yet.

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