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Oh, new pic is FAB. Love LOVE hair.

Jenny, Bloggess

Hee! I was just coming over to tell you about featuring you and you totally beat me too it.

PS. LOVE the new hair.

Domestic Chicky

Congrats! And thanks for twitter-following me! Any friend of Jenny's...
How wrong is it that since the award came from Jenny I immediately read that as "lousy vadge" instead of badge??

PS-I agree - great hair!


I agree, TOTALLY news worthy and uber important on a Sunday...only thing better would have been MOTHER's day, but Jenny might be saving that for MY DEAD CAT story! Congrats, you rock!

Mutha Mae( is so freakin fabulous)

You were on my Twitter (oooh sexeeee) and I never came to your blog until today. Damn, why not? You are hilarious. You are the type of blogger I'd read on a daily basis. Most bore me, zzzzz. But you? Love love love your style. It's kinda like mine. But funny! Ok consider me a regular. Added you to Google Reader. Will come back each time you update. Stalk much, Mae? Heh. Only the funny chicks!

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