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Jenny, Bloggess

God. I cannot stop giggling. We had a cat like that. His name wa Max and he was so crazy he had his own room and if you moved ANYTHING in it he'd flip out and scream like he was Rainman or something. I gave him away to a girl who who said she could take better care of him. She thought she'd lost him because he disappeared for a few days but turns out he just got shut in a drawer and never made a mew. Then he got mad when she tried to get him out. He probably still lives there.


Heehee! She's lucky the cat didn't die in there, because then she'd have to throw out whole dresser. because who wants a haunted cat dresser? Not me.

safak Sicimoglu

Oh my-Your Grandad sounds just like mine, the garbage...I have a dog that was like your cat, maybe a little more OCD than yours..

Safak Sicimoglu

I am somewhat of a night owl-I try and be in bed by 1ish-But, I an up @ 6:45 { my dogs are my alarm } as Istanbul, is opp than the States-late to work late to home...people don't start work untill 10ish..


Maybe Lavender's mom drank pool water? It is like the alcohol/crack for wild animals from what I am told. (You know from that horrible movie The Wild.)

Captain Steve

I probably would have laughed too, similar to how I can't stop laughing now.


Too funny, we just had a funny cat death (in a sick and funny way) in our family too...come on by and check it out.

Any gramps who cares enough to buy more fishes ranks right up there with the best of them. Ours would likely cross his fingers that we wouldn't notice.


ok so i am cracking up as i read this post. our cat is just like this one. her name is picca and she too is a moron. she likes to pee in beds, eat glow sticks, and hates things that normal cats enjoy. she won't drink fresh water it has to be several days old or she won;t touch it. she NEVER cleans herself, and likes to sleep in the bath tub. (How's that for irony.)But like you said, somehow I still love this dumb cat. Especially when she has one of her 'fits' and runs up and down the hall until she collapses from fatigue. She is quite entertaining.

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