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Ooooh, my son had thrush. Totally stunk. Had to paint his cute little mouth with dark purple "gentian violet" liquid medicine that stained his cute little mouth a hideously cyanotic blue for many weeks. Was not fun. He ended up a bottle-fed baby pretty darn quick at that point. Which was OK by me!


Ah, mastitis. I wondered if that was what was ailing you. I had that with my first. I was suddenly on my knees with a hideous fever. I hope you feel better soon!! And baby is soooo beautiful!!


Hope you're feeling better every've got a beautiful girl there! Take good care of yourself!


She's absolutely adorable! Congratulations. And I sure hope the mastitis clears up soon. Ouch. No fun at all. :(


Am going shopping tomorrow -- I feel so horribly guilty but have been thinking of you every day. I just thought you were busy with the babe.

She is gorgeous.


Ouchie! I was wondering HOW you were! Poor you...Glad you got the Baby-Burt's-Bee stuff...Emmie can now smell like a Honey-Bee...:)

I say hire a cook & a housekeeper!...:)



She's gorgeous!

So sorry about the thrush/mastitis -- what a nightmare!

Talk to your midwife about some probiotics, since I'm sure they have you on some heavy-duty ABX. Live probiotics from the health food store can help with that thrush nightmare.

I'm sure you've got great LC/doctor contacts, but if they're sources you don't want to mix business and, uh, *this* with -- let me know. I think I know some people in your neck of the woods.


i've been a lax friend, i know. been meaning for ages to go on a shopping trip for presents. i'm going to do that wednesday if it doesn't snow.

we have a baby coming too. a grandbaby. eek.


Oh dear, that sounds terrible! Please, please get better soon. At least your bundle of joy is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mama!


Um, yer NOT knocked-up Update SOON...and maybe I'll eventually git that Hula-Girl OFF of my site...I'm wanting FALL colors...but it's like 90 here, so I ain't that motivated! HOT!
How is ya?


Oh no! Feel better soon. I hear mastitis is awful! My little one and I have just had a bout of thrush. OUchie!


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