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Oh, my gosh, she is just SO CUTE! Sorry you are so ill...hope it goes soon and baby does not catch it.


Oh, what a beautiful little girl. *sniffle* I love dark-haired babies.

littlemissALOHA! sweet! And WHERE is that darling vintagey pink-y crochet cap *I* sent her way-back-WHEN? Find It! I want a pic...:)

I don't think it was the same one she was wearing in the pics you first posted...or was it? I'm OLD, so who knows...

Am gathering wee baby trinkets...and will be certain to put in cough drops & Vicodin for YOU...:)



Wah, my message didn't post.

Anyway, she is gorgeous, I love the hair, I wish I could hold her (and brush her hair).

Hope you're feeling better!


Future beauty contest! She's beautiful! Feel better so you can update us on life and your lack of sleep.


Am so NOT sending the cute wee Baby treats Right Here...until you POST more pics--Update, Missy!



You know you you click on a friends blog roll and then click on one from their blog roll and again and again? Well that's how I ended up here!

Congrats on the apparent new little one...and the fever? I totally got sick after every baby! Usually around the 3rd day or so... when my milk was coming in 'for real'. Chills, fever... it passes.

Congrats again!

andrea from the fishbowl

I'm late coming to this party
(she says as she knocks over a lamp and trips on someone's Jimmy Choos) but I wanted to throw in my AWWWWWW at your new little cutie pie. What a sweet little face!

I hope you're feeling better too!

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