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ROFL! Gah! I so needed to laugh like that today. Thank you so much. :)


That certainly brightened my day! Who wants to think about their mom buying g strings though - blech, at least not me.


Yikes! I hate Wal-Mart too and shoot my Wal-Mart-lovin' mom down every time she tries to bring it up as a shopping option. "They've got really cheap patio...""SHUSH!" "But I saw a swingset...""SHUSH IT!" It doesn't work. Perhaps I will tell her this story as a cautionary tale.

p.s. I like your shoes in your About picture.


OMG -- that is very funny!

But, and I am NOT kidding, Wal-Mart makes a lemon loaf/cake thing that is NICER than lemon loaf from Starbucks and we were buying it (it comes in one of those ring pan thingos).

But we stopped because the other week I opened it and THERE WAS A PIECE MISSING which was unnoticed because it was UNDER THE LABEL. So it sat for a week waiting for someone to return it (but i couldn't be bothered) so it eventually got thrown out.

So, someone is obviously very hungry at the Wal-Mart cake plant.


I just had to call my husband and tell him this.He fusses at me because I refuse to go to Wal-Mart unless absolutely neccesary.Too funny!


Never heard anyone call string cheese Cheese Strings...that alone was funny to me...

Wal-Mart is too far for me to bother around here...but I'd go just to check out missing cake pieces under all of the labels...Ewww...



Let me begin by expressing my Enormous Distaste for Hell-Mart (and I'm being restrained...), but I'm thinkin' the date on those cheese-strings meant May 5, not May 2005. Just a thought. Besides, if your mom didn't keel over when she ate 'em, so they can't be a year old. Still, nobody should shop at Hell-Mart unless they absolutely have to.


This made me laugh so hard. I went home and told the story to my mom and dad and we all had a hoot over it. Thanks for the entertainment. I will give you some link love.


Also ich glaube das war nur ne Trendsache

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