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You simply slay me, Kimber-Bimber-Loo-Loo! LOL!
I NEVER, NEVER, EVER would have guessed you'd brestfeed until 4--EVER!
I never could do the kids-sleep-with-me-thing mainly because I'm such a darn light sleeper and have enough of a hard time w/ the Husband snoring (even though I sleep w/a fan on). I used to think it was weird--the family bed thing...but I've relaxed on many things, and have friends who do it, and I "get" it now.
Never say never, I've learned. Was cool to learn such interesting factoids about you...:)

LittleMiss (who breastfed Madison for 3 months and was done!)If I had a bambino now, I'd shoot for 6 months...hee.


Why thank you, Ann Marie. Always glad to shock and entertain you. Heh. :-D
P.S. My boobs didn't suffer/sag from the almost 6 years of combined nursing, either. Too many women worry about that!


I actually enjoyed breastfeeding...but once the little suckers get teeth, ouch! Am done. But who knows. God-forbid-I-have-any-more-kids...might I let 'em sleep in our huge bed and breastfeed until 2 and I'll later feed 'em soy milk and use CLOTH diapers--not! long as there's a nice glass of wine on the nightstand and the fan on...hee! But I'll still think Dr. Sears is a dork. Laaaaaaaaaaa!
Okay. I need more coffee!

p.s. - Sent only you and DG a beach-y postcard this time. How about that!?

LittleMissAlwaysCommentsInYerBlog +25 points!


Well, I sent you a OOOH LA LA bath set.
Comes with dice, too. Heeeeeeeeeee!
Off to the beachy.


Oooh, too scary! Can't believe you breastfed and didn't turn it into your *identity* or anything. And watch it, *I'm* the official La Leche League poster girl and way too proud of it.

miss chatelaine

Oh my goodness, so many confessions all at once! What a wonderful mama you are.
Just letting you know I've found the perfect box with the perfect paper and will go to the perfect post office this afternoon to mail your perfect package. Hope you like everything!


And Look! LittleMiss is commenting AGAIN in yer blog (while yer out basking/burning @ the beach-y). WOW! What a trooper LittleMiss is!

The Question of the Day:

Did you let your babies "cry it out" once in a while...or did you hold them all the time like a Nervous Nellie?

Of course, I say, "Let 'em cry sometimes! God gave 'em lungs, right!?

LittleMissFirmBelieverinBabies learningtoFallAsleepBy THEMSELVES


Ann Marie,
My babies never did cry much. Nor did they sleep much, either. Not one of them slept thru the night until they were 2 years old. Ugh! That's birth control in itself!


Awww... Miss Chatelaine! Thanks for both the compliments and the package. Hope you like yours as well!
Kimber, who is wondering if the next piccie she's going to post shows too much boobage.


LOL! I'm proud of you, but I'm with Lil Miss. Teeth? No thanks. Anywho, can't BF anyway, and no more babies for me... tubes tied up like a pretty bow. :o)

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