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Ahhh, yes, I recall (not so) fondly the days of my teenage years spent searching frantically for my sister's hamster when it would escape (rather frequently, it seems)! It was always an "everyone will be looking and doing NOTHING else until he is found" type of endeavor, as we also had cats and a small dog. Being a teen, I can remember thinking "It isn't my hamster...why should I have to look?? I am WAY too teenage-socially-busy and my teenage time is WAY too important for this!! I think I should be curling my hair!" Hope you find him/her/it soon!!


Oh. My. God. Am home.
San Diego was glorious! We had mucho shots of fine tequila! LOL! We tried some new ones. I didn't even KNOW there were so many different kinds! Old Town is the tequila capital of the universe! They even have SHOTS fer $35 and up!!! Love Old Town...where you can fall out of bed and walk across the way to the gazillion Mexican restaurants and bars...and shops. You don't even have to drive anywhere! The food is divine!!!

More later. I'm now on a 48 hour detox...hee!!!
The girls will be home tomorrow!!!!!!
~Postcards are coming!!!~



Welcome home, Carella and A-M! Sounds like y'all had fab time!

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