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Ms. Bumptious is a SCREAM!!!!


Miss Cashier

"Here's one person who need not worry if she's funny or not."

Hey, you taking a jab at me? ;o)


Silly, Cashier!
Of course not! I KNOW you are too funny! It wasn't a jab at anyone! :-) I was just promoting Miss Bumptious.... And her hilarious blog.

Miss Cashier

Just checking. Would hate to have to track down the cashiers who work in stores you frequent and get them to smoosh your bread. Err, I mean, I knew that! ;o) I will forever be the insecure writer, I'm sure. Oh well...sue me! No, don't, I'm so po!


Mme. B. makes Moi look like PollyAnna! LOL!!! She definitely has an R+ rating!


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